Andy...Lead Guitar and Vocals

Andy Breyer is a native of Chicago and has been into playing music since age 10.

While most of his friends were spending their allowance on cigarettes, he started buying records, often at used stores to really build that collection up, starting out with such artists as the Beatles, Queen, BTO, Elton John, Ted Nugent, and Aerosmith. Coming from a very non-musical family, he really had to try hard to accomplish anything. In grade school he wanted to play the clarinet and took a musical aptitude test asking such basics as "is this note higher or lower than this note?". After the test he was politely asked "How would you like to play trumpet instead?", and did that for awhile before getting his first hand-me-down guitar from his uncle Stan at age 14.

After much trouble trying to play it, and hearing that Sir Paul McCartney strung his upside-down, he chose to try to learn to play lefty. The problem was that no teachers really wanted to teach that way so he started learning out of books, getting pointers from talented friends along the way. Nobody really wanted to start a band with him until about 1988 when he was just getting ready to graduate from the University of IL in Champaign. The band fizzled out right before he moved on to Purdue, and thus never got to play on that scene, so he's really looking forward to his show there 1/15/05, hoping to see old friends, acquaintences, band-mates, guitar teachers, influences, etc., and see if anyone recognizes him as his alter-ego. In fact, "Cry Tough" by Poison was one of the first songs he ever rehearsed.

He finally hit the Indiana scene at Purdue as co-founder of a cover band called Miss Conception. They started out as a 5 piece, with a twin-guitar attack with the other guitarist being Tom Greene (a future GIT graduate) who left the band pretty early since they weren't quite as heavy as he was looking for. This forced Andy to step up, and even play guitar solos in the middle of the set before he was confident enough to do it. At the time he would have preferred to be a studio musician much like the Beatles in the latter part of their career. He then started receiving numerous offers to join other bands.

Before Posin', his biggest claim to fame was a hard rock band called Twisted Johnson in 1994. They had a 3 song demo, and supposedly a couple of the songs, including one he co-wrote (Nightmares) with his old singer in Champaign (Randy Wolverton) received much airplay on Z-Rock in Texas which can be downloaded from He really hoped this band would make it big between the catchy name, twin-guitar attack, and numerous compliments such as "You're the best guitarist I've seen since Diamond Rexx." It was during this time that Andy started Posin' as a side-project with TJ singer Bob Philip.

Other highlights of his career include:

Played one song on stage with Ma Kelly at Nick's in Lafayette. They have many CDs out which you can find on ebay, have an ex-drummer from Black Oak Arkansas, Cozy Johnson, and are from Indianapolis.

Opened for Under Fire (from Indianapolis) - a band that really should have made it. They do have 1 disk out. Also opened for Tuff, Enuff Z'nuff, Vince Neil, and Firehouse.

Played with Tony Maughmer (on bass) in a cover band. He is an ex-member of Bobby Goldsboro.

Had the pleasure of playing with the Michael Bruce Group at an open jam night in '99 and was offered a spot in the band, a European tour, and having my name in his biography but the band ended up losing members before I could decide. One of the members was Troy Powell, who played briefly with Posin' before doing the Kiss Tribute thing.

Played some guitar on the snothead disk: "Each it and i" (say this out loud). One of his songs was featured on Mancow.

Andy's latest claim to flame (ie fame) is his guest appearance on "Surreal Life" on Sunday, April 30th, with his band Posin', where he was in a "Battle of the Bands" with the lead guitarist from Poison.

And now, we can all enjoy Andy in "Scarlett Fever", where he joins Paul, male vocalist and guitar, Bob on bass guitar, Dan on drums, and female vocalist, Scarlett aka Loretta.

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